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I hope you enjoy the photos presented here. The majority will be of wildlife in the area. Some are sweet and charming, and others are just rascals. But, all of them are interesting.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rascally Raccoons Continue to Wreak Havoc!

Dopey Raccoons keep stealing the peanuts I put out for the squirrels.  The squirrels rarely get a chance at the peanuts, but every once in a while, they get some.
But, the squirrel doesn't get too many, before the raccoon comes back for more!

So the squirrel, who does not want to be thwarted in his search for free food, decides he will raid the bird feeders.
But, the raccoon spies the squirrel, and he thinks to himself, maybe that's even better than the peanuts.  Think I'll have what he's having.
Then the raccoon decides that not only is this good free food that's easy to steal, it's a fun ride, too!

The squirrel is still hungry, though, and since the raccoon was occupied on the good feeder, the squirrel thought he would go grab some from another feeder.
At this point, Lil Giz has had just about enough of these rascals.  So he scared off the squirrel, and he chased the raccoon right up a tree!
The raccoon says, I'll just wait up here where it's safe until that crazy little dog goes away.  But, it's kind of boring up here, think I'll lay down for a while.
Eventually, Lil Giz got bored too and stopped watching the raccoon.  The squirrel came out of hiding, and found a few seeds on the ground.  That's a lot easier than jumping and leaping all over the place.
And the raccoon came back down the tree to start the cycle all over again.  And the poor little birdies just sat in the trees waiting for all these thieves to leave their feeders alone.
And I went to the store to buy more bird seed!  And so, the cycle continues every week!!!


  1. This is hysterical! Excellent! I needed to laugh, your e made me cry and I wasn't able to respond, sorry. Bless you! and Thank You!

  2. Sooo entertaining, Gizmomma! The critters and YOU. Thanks for the laughs!

  3. This beats "Little Red Riding Hood" as long as the next raid doesn't include a wolf disguised as a
    creature from the Black Lagoon! Your photography
    and storytelling is hysterical, Giz, and I was laughing almost to tears at your goonZ! That's the best entertainment right in your own back yard! Thanks for bringing it into ours...your blog ROCKS!

  4. oooo Lil Giz! Looks like you having lotsa fun! You sure you not a terrier in disguise?

  5. You go get-em little Giz!!! Those stinkers!
    Great photo's Gizmomma!!! And the stories? Keep em coming!! LMAO! Love it!!

  6. That raccoon is a HOOT!!! So is the squirrel with the black seed sticking out of his mouth like a tongue. I do have one question though. In the 4th picture, is that squirrel scratching its own armpit or is that.... a boob?

  7. Hi Furry,
    Thanks for your comments. I hate to say it, but that squirrel has some kind of a tumor. I see a lot of squirrels with horrible growths lately. I think the ground and water has so many pesticides and other bad things in it that our wildlife is being hurt by it. But, that doesn't seem to stop them from acting like a bunch of kooks!