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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ode to a Grecian Gizmo

Poor Lil Giz.  He said that this blog sure looks like it's named after him, so how come he wasn't featured in the first post?
Lil Giz says, "Maybe I'll just run away from home.  That'll show her.  She'll miss me but good, then she'll feel bad that she dissed me."
"I should be the star of this here show.  I checked with all my aunties and uncles, and they agree with me!"

"I can be amusing!  I mean really, just look at me pretending to be Groucho Marks with my cigar.  I'd like to see some stupid bird do that!"

"Seriously, I am way cuter than those birds she's always raving about and taking pictures of."

"Oh, the injustice of it all!!  I could just cry.  I do everything I can to protect the house and bring yippy little smiles to my Mama.  What more can I do?"
"What, oh what, do I gotta do to get a little respect around here and have my own story?"

"I even put up with the indignity of having a bath, just to please my Mama.  Surely, I am story worthy."

"What's that?  Did I just hear Mama say let's go outside and play?  Is that her camera in her hand?  Is she gonna take more pictures of dopey birds?  Well, I'll go outside, but I'm gonna hide behind that funny looking firecracker plant she got for the hummingbirds."

"Wow, Mama was taking my picture while I was hiding.  She ignored the hummingbird that buzzed right in front of her face and just kept filming me and talking to me.  What do you know?  Maybe I'm gonna get my own story now!  Woo Hoo!!!"
"Hooray!  Yippee!  I'm getting my own story!  I'm going to romp and frolic and play my little heart out.  Take that, you stupid birds!!  Gizmo is the King!!"
"Now I'm happy.  Thank you Mama!  Can we have a bone for dessert if I promise to eat all my dinner?  (snicker)"


  1. Ah, Giz, you got the spotlight. Mama needs to show you off more, you are so adorable. I'll put a bug in her ear.

  2. You are an absolute delight, Lil Giz. I just loved your sweet lil conversation you were having with your Momma! The yard IS Yours, after all, right?

  3. Thank you Auntie A and Auntie G!
    It took her long enough, but Momma finally figured out that it was just the right thing to do by making me a star!!!
    Love ya,

  4. Ah, Giz -- what a tiny little bark and what a lot of thick fur for Florida. I'm glad you're the star of this blog. But Gizmo, never fear her attentions. Her on-line name showed us who she cared about with each post!

  5. Well Gizmo you are a star and don't forget it! We've got owls & eagles & hummers & all but only 1 Gizmo !

  6. GIZ TOTALLY RULES! We even downloaded your video so we can hear your "bark?" and cutie-pie sounds with your "It's
    about TIME!" attitude. Giz, we gonna let you in on a piggie secret: If mom got the camera IT ALWAYS GIZ TIME! WE HAVE
    SPOKEN. And so have YOU!!!! SQUEEE! We so sorry we lost ya, too, cuz mom accidtnty erased all our "Blogs We Follow List" but now that we gotcha back we gotcha BACK! And, seriously,
    can you teach us to do that sound you made? It would definitely garner more treats for us if we could do that, too.

  7. Hi CS, Linda and Yum-Yum,
    Momma has been a little behind in her comment responses - she's been working hard (if you ask me, she works too much!). But I sure wanted to thank you for your support. Hopefully, now she understands that I am the Little Prince, and she should be counting her lucky stars that she gets to reside in GizmommaWorld! She's a lucky, lucky Momma! Well, I suppose I'm pretty lucky that she's my human - I could do a lot worse - hee hee! Yum-Yum, when are we gonna have a play date? Can't wait to chase you!!!
    Love, Gizmo

  8. Giz, PLAY DATE!!! That like when humans scream: ROAD TRIP! Then lie down with their road trip snacks, eat 'em, then fall asleep on the floor. But we could give each other tips on HumanTraining
    and romp together because your grass looks really good to eat but I might nibble your fur just to see if you iz hiding some carrots in it for me...

  9. Gizmo is my Honorary Hooligan! Furevah and evah!

  10. Ho-ho! I had to show Ian, my hubby, this blog post and I just KNEW what he would say . . . "That's Amos"! You see, I had a little Affenpinscher many years ago and he had just that expression on his little black face . . . and his lower teeth often landed outside his little lips!
    What lovely memories :)