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Friday, June 15, 2012

Squirrels and Birds sharing (not really)

Squirrels are really pigs in disguise.  After they eat everything in their own feeder, they go and steal from the poor birds.

When I yell at them, they just look up and ignore me.  And they continue to eat.

Then they move on to another feeder, just to mix it up a little and confuse the birds even more.

For all you squirrel lovers out there, you are more than welcome to mine!  Seriously.

Finally, the birds get a chance.   It's fun to watch the Papa Cardinal feeding the babies.

Really, I'm very hungry and would appreciate it if you would pass over a sunflower seed, Dad.  You know Father's Day is coming up - do you want a gift or not?

Thank you.  That was yummy.  Keep it coming.

It looks so good the house finches want some too, but the cardinals keep chasing them off.  You should use those chasing skills on the nasty old squirrels.  Poor house finch has to hide by the fence to get a little snack.

Hope the cardinals will be gone soon so I can eat in peace.  My poor mate is waiting for an opening so she can eat, too.

Eventually, they all get something to eat, but it can be very traumatic at the bird feeders.  Again, all you squirrel lovers, feel free to come and get your free squirrel.  They're going fast!!

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